February 9, 2009

What is PMCLogic?

ComputerLogic, Inc. has created PMCLogic™, an unbiased documentation program that helps insurers and repairers create an accurate record of all paint and materials used in the repair process. Subscribers can create invoices that serve as documentation of the actual paint and materials used in the repair of specific vehicles.
Key features of the PMCLogic include:

· Paint pricing for all major brands
· Material pricing from major suppliers
· Multiple costing options for invoices
· Templates for every panel and every repair, replace and refinish operation
· Track & manage costs and profits by job or by insurance company
· Subscription includes regular updates and toll free support
· Built on Microsoft .Net platform
· Engineered by ComputerLogic…30 years of PB&E experience
· Easy to install, set-up and use!

PMCLogic™ takes the guesswork out of paint and material costing. It helps you fully document the materials you use in your repairs, and most of all, it helps you get paid properly for the paint and materials you use. Let’s stop guessing and start accurately documenting paint and material usage. True costs and fast documentation are within reach. Simply call (800) 933-6564 to learn how you can get started, RISK FREE. Or, go to http://www.PMCLogic.org for more information concerning this amazingly simple solution to a complex issue.

PMCLogic – Because Accurate Information Matters!