August 29, 2013

What our customers are saying about {Paint & Material Compensation}

I have been using PMCLogic for almost 2 years, it has made a huge difference in being paid correctly for paint and materials. It only takes about two minutes to create and print an accurate invoice. THANKS PMCLOGIC!!!
Matt Laney, Mitch Smith Chevrolet, Cullman, AL

PMCLogic has allowed us to get a better tracking of our material profitability and has helped us to get through the storm season. I cannot imagine not having PMCLogic in the our shops to help us maintain our paint profitability. PMC Logic has been a solution for us for the last two hail storms.
Chris Donnelly, Bodyworks Collision Centers, Oklahoma City, OK

I have been using PMCLogic for 10 years and it has proven  to be an important profit source in my shop.  I like the fact that I can set the templates to the way we make repairs and with the materials we use in repairs.  Now that we have networked PMCLogic with our paint mixing computer we can job cost every repair with exactly what we mix.
Thomas Rogers, Roy Rogers Body Shop, Laurel, MS

   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the development of such a monumental change for the Auto Body Repair industry. PMCLogic has finally allowed my shop to get paid for the items necessary to repair vehicles that have been neglected ,and have impacted our profits for so many years. We now get paid so much more mainly on medium to large jobs, in some cases as much as $15.00 per hour above our normal hourly rate for paint and materials .PMCLogic has been instrumental in our shop being profitable after twenty five years of just throwing a dollar figure at our refinish labor rates and praying that we make a small profit or at least break even enough to pay our bills.
   We now know how much money that we were losing on most jobs and, I can’t help but be sad that we left so much money on the table that rightfully belonged in our bank account. I will continue to sing the praises of PMCLogic to everyone in the auto repair industry and hope that they will also accept your free trial, and submit those itemized invoices to the insurers and see how easy it is to put more money in the bank.
 Mack Gunter,  Gunter Body Shop, Jasper AL

We were stuck in the old ways of "estimating" materials according to the paint hours.  After using PMC Logic, we can generate an accurate invoice of materials used to return a vehicle to pre-accident condition.  Now we get paid for what we actually use!  It's amazing to see how much we were letting go out the door just because we didn't have a way to invoice it.  And the best part is that it's so easy to use!
-Dave Stewart at Stewart’s Auto Repair, FL

Since we started using PMC Logic on almost every job ticket, we are now making a profit on materials. This system is user friendly and shows an accurate breakdown of all it takes to correctly repair a damaged vehicle. Great product and well worth our investment.

David Shaddix, Earl’s Body Shop, Cullman, AL