April 24, 2009

PMCLogic Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMCLogic?

PMCLogic is a management tool designed to easily and accurately calculate the amount of paint and materials used to repair and refinish a vehicle in order to return it to pre-accident condition. Information generated from this program can be used to:
1. Better manage paint and material inventory and purchasing
2. Provide accurate job costing for each vehicle repaired
3. Create a paint and material estimate and invoice

How does PMCLogic calculate materials used in the repair and refinish of a damaged vehicle?

ComputerLogic, Inc has worked with industry experts for years to create hundreds of specific templates based on the operation and “industry best practices” or OEM specifications. Each template contains a list of materials which would most likely be used in the repair, replace, and/or refinish of a specific class of vehicle. PMCLogic utilizes these templates to calculate the total amount of liquids and materials (“P&M”) used on a specific body panel and/or structural, custom or individual part.

Can I customize an estimate generated by PMCLogic to add or remove items?

Yes! When you create a PMCLogic estimate it is just that; an “estimate”. For the sake of inventory management accuracy, the “estimate” should be adjusted to include the items actually used in the repair of the vehicle after all work is completed. If, for example, a repair requires the use of seam sealer and that item is not automatically included in the template, it can quickly be added by double clicking on ‘seam sealer’ in the products catalog. Actual quantities used for each item can also easily be edited directly on the screen, as appropriate. The workflow process is defined as follows:
1. Create the estimate
2. Print the “work list” which details all the items to be used along with quantities
3. Attach the “work list” to the vehicle so the technicians can identify the items actually used
4. At the completion of the repair edit the “estimate” to reflect actual usage
5. Create the final “invoice”

How does PMCLogic calculate prices for paint and material?

PMCLogic receives pricing information directly from most manufactures which do business in the collision repair industry. For those few product manufacturers who do not send this information directly to ComputerLogic, Inc. their pricing information is researched through other sources such as distributors of these products and the Internet. PMCLogic uses these manufacturers’ highest published prices, which are typically referred to as List, MSP or Refinisher price. These prices, referred to as the “Reference Price”, are used to calculate the total P&M estimate and invoice total dollar amount shown to the customer. By setting a discount percentage based on their purchase price for these items, these same reference prices are used as the basis to calculate the actual job cost for that repair.