June 7, 2013

PMCLogic Customer Survey

We recently, in the last few weeks, sent out a survey to all our PMCLogic customers.  The feedback we received was fantastic, and we gained a lot of valuable information.  We want to post some the responses to our survey with you. Here are a few of the results to the survey:

Results of the survey revealed that the top 5 insurance companies who pay off of PMCLogic invoices are:
2)  Allstate
3)  Progressive
4)  Farmers
5)  USAA

Other interesting information from the survey shows how much additional revenue shops are making on the average, per job, by using PMCLogic :
52% get paid an additional $51 to $150, per repair
38% get paid an additional $151 to $250, per repair
5% get paid an additional $250 or more, per repair
5% get paid  around $50, or less, per repair

We want you too to be one of our happy customers.  Contact us for a free PMCLogic trial.  

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